Just Prudent Solutions, Inc (JPS) is a software based service company offering products and services needed to support an emerging business model made possible by the Internet. The ubiquitous communications nature of the Internet is making subscription-based usage of centrally operated software desirable. This is in contrast to traditional "shrink-wrapped" software sales that require users to incur significant costs of ownership and reduced functionality.

The software service model offers significant financial and functional benefits that cannot be achieved using traditional technologies and business approaches. Subscribers are provided with low-cost-high-reward business tools that can be used without purchase risk. As a third party service provider, JPS' subscribers are able to collaborate and communicate with their customers, suppliers, and employees at unprecedented levels. If your business environment has one or more of the following characteristics, JPS can help improve your operations:

In preparation for leveraging this new business model, JPS developed "Athene," an information and workflow management environment that supports plug-in "personality modules" and subscription-based usage. Plug-in personality modules are used to tailor Athene for specific market applications. Our shell program represents a huge accomplishment, which positions and prepares us to enter many different business segments.

The Internet will soon leave behind its image of being an advertising and catalog sales mecca. It will evolve into the world's core business tool supporting business collaborations and communications of many types. JPS can make the Internet work for your organization by changing the way you communicate and interact with your customers, suppliers, and employees. Athene places the Internet in a whole new light.

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