September 1999 - Building upon Athene's feature-rich toolkit, JPS is now offering a flexible workflow processing service enabling Athene subscribers to model, track, and audit business events following subscriber defined lifecycles. Using Athene's workflow processing tools, subscribers are able to model workflow, establish Time-to-Complete (TTC) commitments, define automated escalation scenarios, and collect milestone disposition information. Throughout an event's lifecycle, Athene provides clear ownership and responsibility indicators while collecting records as work progresses. Event initiators, contributors, and managers are all provided with a concise picture of how their events are being handled. Using established service commitments, any milestone approaching jeopardy is escalated to user-defined points. With Athene's strong user account controls, workflow management can be performed without traditional communication barriers created by location and company affiliation. For more information about this exciting business tool, review our Products and Services page.

July 1999 - Now subscribers can manage and share files using Athene's Document Center feaures. Using an Athene server, subscribers maintain documents needed by any subset of users. Document access is controlled using Athene's collaboration tools. Each user account is assigned its own set of permissions. A user's permissions determine his read, write, add, and delete capabilities within each Document Center folder. Using these tools, Athene administrators can compartmentalize the Document Center based on each user's "need-to-know" profile. An administrator can configure a user's account such that the user has no knowledge of some folders, the ability to read documents in other folders, and the ability to modify documents in yet another set of folders.

All users are also able to store "Personal Documents" within shared folders. Personal documents can only be viewed using the account that uploaded them. Other accounts are unaware of another account's personal documents. Using this feature, users can integrate their storage of pertinent personal files with shared ones. This mingling of personal and shared files simplifies the task of locating related files.

The Document Center is designed to support "document control library" functionality.

April 1999 - Just Prudent Solutions, Inc. (JPS) is proud to announce the availability of a new collaborative information management service. Regardless of size, businesses are now able to seamlessly communicate and share information using an elegant and sophisticated business tool that is native to the Internet. Using the Internet and JPS' Athene service, customers can collaborate their business efforts without the traditional communications barriers driven by geography and company affiliation. For more information about this exciting new business tool, review our Products and Services page.

Other innovative "personality modules" are on the drawing board. If you have collaboration needs not currently supported by Athene, contact us. To expand our market presence, we actively seek market specialist partners.

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