Collaborate - To work together. Collaboration - United labor. Collaborator - One who assists another.

Using Athene and the Internet, subscribers work together, assisting each other as if they are one unified work force. Virtual workgroups including select suppliers, customers, and employees use tools configured to match the operational needs of their specific business relationship. Overlapping circles in the above illustration represent collaborations. Within Athene's domain, controlled collaborations are supported with common business tools.

Avoid purchase risks by subscribing to JPS' information and workflow management services. As a subscriber, your company avoids significant up-front capital expenditures. All software, servers, and IS staff are included with each subscription. If you have Internet access, Athene is already "installed" on your computer.

Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention by providing convenient access to needed information. By issuing logins for your customers, Athene subscribers are able to distribute and collect information tailored for each business relationship. This secure information access reduces cycle times and interactively involves customers.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, you need to distinguish your company's offerings from the competition. The Internet presents an unprecedented opportunity to deliver value-added services to customers. With the number of Internet users growing, more and more organizations are looking to Web based solutions for their information needs. Using Athene and the Internet, you can differentiate your services and respond to each customer's specific needs.

JPS owns and operates the servers and software supporting Athene subscribers. This means Athene benefits your business without the need for additional hardware, software, or technical staff. Athene's operational efficiencies off-load and leverage your existing resources while reducing operational expenses. As a subscriber you only pay for usage of needed features.

Improve business efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating the need to separately maintain common data within a business relationship workgroup. Avoid mistakes by eliminating handoffs. With more eyes reviewing the same information, mistakes are quickly identified and corrected. Efficiently and effectively work with your customers and suppliers at unprecedented levels using the same business tools.

Traditionally, information system structures have been heavily influenced by company organization and geography. This influence resulted from computing technology's natural "island building" characteristics. With Athene and the Internet, your information system can be configured so it best fits the needs of your business relationships. Now operational boundaries can be pushed out to include your customers and suppliers. Geography and company affiliation no longer dictate where your information system can do.

When you and your customers are using and relying on the same information system, a natural sense of partnership is created. Using Athene and the Internet, your customers, suppliers, and employees have more in common. This helps create a sense of customer partnership.

Since Athene subscribers all use the same business management tools, "seams" are eliminated within each business relationship workgroup. This seamless environment allows you to truly work with your customers.

With all business participants drawing from the same set of information, unnecessary data hand-offs are eliminated. Using Athene, the data warehouse concept of "entered once and used by all" can be applied across any business relationship. Your customers, suppliers, and employees can all use the same information and business management tools.

The Internet will soon leave behind its image of being an advertising and catalog sales mecca. It will evolve into the world's core business tool supporting business collaborations and communications of many types. JPS can make the Internet work for your organization by changing the way you communicate and interact with your customers, suppliers, and employees. Athene places the Internet in a whole new light. The business world is changing.....don't fall behind.

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