Subscription Based Usage
From its inception, Athene was created to support subscription based usage of centrally operated software. This forward thinking functionality allows subscribers to receive unprecedented business advantages including:

Business collaborations using subscription based Internet applications produce impressive cross company efficiencies and improve business effectiveness.

Invoicing Point

Each subscriber can have their own usage agreement. Usage agreements are defined using Athene's Customer Administration tools. The customer folder contains the contractual terms of usage including length of subscription, fee schedules, and included features. The customer folder also contains an automated billing and invoicing engine with payment ledger. Using Customer Administration tools, subscribers can even set-up their own customers and cost centers.

A la carte Feature Selection

The customer folder "Services" tab sheet is used to make subscription feature selections and set-up pricing schedules. Subscribers are only required to subscribe to the features they need.

On-line Billing and Invoicing

On-line invoices are available for use by subscribers and service providers.

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