JPS' business is built around a native Internet application called Athene. Athene is a "shell" program offering a toolkit full of advanced functions needed by a large cross-section of business markets. Without programming skills or an extensive Information Services (IS) group, subscribers are able to model objects in an intuitive graphical user interface and by issuing personal logins share information with anyone they deem. The ability to model an object is unlimited. Modeled objects can include people, customers, buildings, inventory, or any other conceivable item. All application interaction is performed via the Internet so Athene's availability is not an issue.

The ability to control each user's application authorities is provided with each login account. Comprehensive account controls support the creation of accounts that match each user's need-to-know profile. By issuing accounts for each business participant, all parties can use the same set of information and tools. This is true regardless of geography or company affiliation. Using Athene, the business tool can now be configured to fit focused business situations without company structure constraints. This approach offers tremendous potential for improving overall business efficiency and effectiveness by allowing all parties involved in a business transaction to share the same set of information and business tools.

JPS' "next generation" management tools and services include:

All without the communications barriers driven by geography or company affiliation.

Built using today's best "Web focused" programming languages and relational database tools, Athene serves-up a rewarding toolkit filled with powerful business tools. Unlike many other products, Athene is an innate Internet application. From the very beginning, Athene was designed to be native to the Internet and therefore does not suffer from limitations resulting from "Web enabling" an older application. At every step in the development process the needs driven by global availability were considered, making it possible to offer a variety of unmatched features.

The flexible nature of Athene makes it well suited for many different business markets. Using plug-in "personality modules," Athene function is tailored to meet specific business needs. The basic toolkit includes:

These are just a few of the tools provided with an Athene service subscription. To fully experience Athene, contact us and ask for a guided tour. Having Internet access, you will quickly realize Athene's benefits.

Building upon Athene's feature-rich toolkit, JPS offers a flexible workflow processing service enabling Athene subscribers to model, track, and audit business events following subscriber defined lifecycles. Without programming skills, subscribers are able to model workflow, establish Time-to-Complete (TTC) commitments, define automated escalation scenarios, and collect milestone disposition information. Throughout an event's lifecycle, Athene provides clear ownership and responsibility indicators while collecting records as work progresses.

Event initiators, contributors, and managers are all provided with a concise picture of how their events are being handled. Using established service commitments, any milestone approaching jeopardy is escalated to user-defined points. With Athene's strong user account controls, workflow management can be performed without traditional communication barriers created by location and company affiliation.

The flexible nature of Athene's workflow processing toolkit makes it well suited for many different business applications. The basic workflow toolkit supports:

These are just a few of the tools provided with an Athene subscription containing workflow processing features. To fully experience Athene, contact us and ask for a guided tour. Having Internet access, you will quickly realize Athene's benefits.

Wrapped around our application subscriptions, JPS offers optional third party administrative services. Using optional services, collaborating subscribers can mingle both private and shared information. As a disinterested third party, JPS administrative services ensure everyone's privacy is maintained within an integrated working environment. Subscribers can have JPS handle any part of Athene's tool administrative duties.

JPS offers professional services designed to fulfill the transitional needs of our subscribers. Moving to a new business model requires planning and preparation. Our custom consulting and development services help make conversions flow seamlessly.

Custom Development Services
While we have built-in an incredible amount of flexibility into our products, larger customers sometimes need custom functionality to support existing information sources and systems. Recognizing this, JPS offers custom "personality module" development. Personality modules are used to tailor Athene function for unique business needs. This can include integrating Athene with an existing customer database.

Implementation Consulting and Services
To help our subscribers smoothly transition to Athene, JPS offers implementation consulting and services. Implementation consulting services help ensure our customers experience a smooth transition to Athene. Our implementation services can be used to populate Athene's initial database with customer provided data. This can involve "scripted" importing of data from an existing database or manual data entry. Our consulting services can be used to guide decisions about how best to administer Athene for the customer's business environment.

Customized User Training
Let us train your user base. Using customized training materials, JPS can provide classes focused on a subscriber's specific operational business environment.

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